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August 11, 2011 / christinaachee


Finally… 🙂 so this sleeping problem is quite something. But I have decided to finally start writing the thoughts that keep me up so late.

Well first I have been consumed by Mad Men. It’s easy to watch while I am working, and there are 4 seasons so it will last at least 4 more days of work. Haha

Next these plans are killing me. I will never look at 71 and 19 degrees the same again.. The perfectionist has struck again. It’s looking quite fabulous, I must say. I’m excited so start the elevations, and the plus side it’s all vertical and horizontal. Yay!

The design development is going well. My research has led me to urban farming, which is exactly what it sounds like. You can find anything from tomatoes to goats on roof top to vacated lots. The great thing of urban farming in NYC is that it’s climate is warmer because of the urban environment, therefore you can grow things that typically do better in warmer climates. So the site can host/promote/celebrate more possibilities for farming. Then I found the Slow Food Movement which celebrates local farming and education of how food gets to the table. I think it’s perfect for the site, NYC has a large amount of urban farms and there are many more empty roofs to fill. Maybe it’s an opportunity to have a client or maybe just a direction…. They don’t even have a actual office..


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