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July 16, 2011 / christinaachee

Food library??

Well back to the concept… I have been thinking about this a lot. I Like the idea of a boutique library (specialized library), but I want to serve a larger target audience and with a specialized area the user group will be smaller. I think this has really been the issue of me choosing what type of “library” space to design.

Back to the drawing board:
The topic that keeps reintroducing itself is one, the idea of collaboration or connection between users. Two, the awareness of passions and push for knowledge, mainly exploration of knowledge creates passion. And three the idea of a healthy body creates a healthy mind.

One thing I think connects people is food. Family gatherings, celebrations, even boring meetings offer food as an incentive.

Chelsea, being an artsy area, has manny connections to the art of cooking. It is close to the meatpacking district, chelsea market is a foodie Mecca which houses many restaurants and equipment stores, and the food truck industry has been on the rise.

In conclusion ..?
What about a food resource center (community center) sort of a food library+hands on learning center.
A gym for yours taste buds. Haha.


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