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July 12, 2011 / christinaachee

Concept done…ish

We presented today, although it was excruciatingly long, it was very informative and interesting. I would say it well for me. I learned aspects that I need to really think about, such as picking a specific type of library I will design, ahh.. But I’m so torn. 😦 Should it be that the library serves people who have an interest in railroads [connection to the potential site attached to NYC’S Highline(a converted freight rail line above the Chelsea district)]. OR I really like the idea of a youth library. It would be a place to help discover passions, interests or even what kind of job they want to pursue.

Passion is a

“Strong and barely controllable emotion”, “A state or outburst of such emotion”, “Intense sexual love”, “An intense desire or enthusiasm for something”, “A thing arousing enthusiasm”

I believe it’s the reason to live. When you pursue an interest, you begin to become involved in the subject, you search for all the information you can get. I feel if you are passionate about a subject it means you have the highest level of knowledge and understanding of it.

Ex 1:
You find a person you like or interested in (either through a friendly or romantically), the pursue to hang out and get to know, after a while you will become passionate about the connection (in this case, doing anything for the other person)

Ex 2:
There is a video game that you really love, but you just cannot stop playing it until you win. Although I guess that can also be an obsession (because of the amount of time it lasts) the passion fights through until you reach the end goal.

It has increasingly become hard to inspire kids to pursue knowledge, if there is a place that celebrates learning and exploration, the increase of knowledge becomes inherent with the use of the space.


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