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July 2, 2011 / christinaachee


Collaboration has always been an important part of design, whether with clients or between designers, but lately this theme has also become a way of programming spaces. In office design it is used to bring employees together to work or catch up, and has been shown to increase productivity as well as employee mood. By giving the user a platform to connect with each other it gives the space life and increases the amount of activity.

I have never really been one to be stuck in a book, so I understand why the library would not be a place for people to want to explore and learn. Since I have been at SCAD I have been able to really appreciate how much research goes into making a well-rounded design. It not only makes me a better designer but it also allows me to discover new interests and things I would not even think about. I got a chance to talk to one of my old grade school teachers and I told her about what I was doing. I explained that I was thinking about designing a library and that I wanted to make a space that pushed the growth of knowledge. She said that she had seen a change in how students want to study and learn. With computer technology so easy to access, it makes research like “why the sky is blue” take only 0.09 seconds to find over 481,000,000 sources with google. The first link will most likely have what you need and will stop the research. Although that is probably the most basic question, she has found that technology has deceased the push for kids to want to explore and learn. Technology does have a positive side for example portable interfaces (Kindle and iPad) can be brought and enjoyed anywhere, and also the sheer amount of resources available.

With the idea of collaboration between people in a library/resource space the atmosphere will allow users to talk with one another to share information and hopefully promoting the growth of knowledge. Technology can be integrated into the program and design of the space allowing it to change with the users. The user will have the ability to sit in different environments offered by the overall space, like quiet areas, smaller and larger pods that have user controllers for lights and music, and also exterior spaces. (but that’s just me getting ahead of my self)


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