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June 28, 2011 / christinaachee

Library: Collection of things.

Day one of.. wait how many??

It is crazy that I am starting my last project for Interior Design at SCAD, but I have been anticipating this class for quite a while. First, we can do what ever type of project we want> PLUS. Second, we actually have time to detail and evaluate design decisions.

I have been wanting to design a library for sometime, although the reason for my decision for choosing to design a library has evolved since. I was first drawn to the aspects of traditional media, such as books and other printed materials, and integrating it with the timeless activity of cozying up with a good book.

I was focused more on changing the aesthetics of the project rather than the changing the actual experience.

Libraries have the connotation that they are sterile, quiet spaces, usually littered with older women who make it their life goal to keep things quiet and serious(JOKE)…but still… The foundation of a library is to gain knowledge and to explore, whether in the sense of escaping off to another land or looking for more information about interests. In an age where information is easily at our fingertips, because of modern technology, there is a loss of exploration for information and use of traditional library spaces. During exploration for information additional information is presented, therefore increasing knowledge gained. I began to think about ways to create a space that promotes exploration and ways to orient the users to this new type of space, either through traditional media types like print, modern technology, and the idea of collaboration within the users to share information and interest.

Here is an interesting video given by Joshua Prince-Ramus on the approach of Seattle’s Library design.



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